Firefox deleting cookies

By yorkshirewench
Aug 10, 2008
  1. I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas (and hopefully solutions) as to why this is happening.

    Firefox has suddenly started deleting my cookies whenever I close the browser. I haven't changed any settings as far as I know. I checked the privacy options and "accept cookies" and "keep them until they expire" are both still checked. I've tried going back to a previous restore point but that didn't help and I've checked for spyware etc. using Ad-Aware and Spy Sweeper and while those two programmes got rid of some suspicious content, it didn't solve the problem. I'm using Firefox 3 which I installed not long after it was released so I've been using it quite a while now with no problems.

    Can anyone help please?
  2. yorkshirewench

    yorkshirewench TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've done a little digging and have come across a thread with people posting that they have the exact same problem. Turns out it's something that happens to some people when they update to Firefox 3.0.1

    Anyway, cor-el suggested the following...

    Try to delete cookies.sqlite (and cookies.txt) in the Profile Folder

    See Profiles: How to find your profile
    "Application Data" in XP/2K and "AppData" in Vista are hidden folders, use %APPDATA%
    Show hidden files and folders (MozillaZine (KB))

    ...which seems to have worked for me. So far so good anyway! :)
  3. Tedster

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    instead of an upgrade, try a clean install.
  4. Bobbye

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    Check this setting in Firefox please:

    Tools> Options> Privacy section> Private Data> Is there a check in 'Clear Private Data when I close the browser'?

    If there is, uncheck it and the Cookies won't be deleted-OR-click on the Private Data settings, uncheck whatever you don't want removed IF you want the other Private Data checked.

    I use FF v3.0.1 and have Cookies unchecked to be cleared.
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