Formatted HP DV4-2164US, Now Screen Is Offset

By xBr4v3x
Dec 9, 2013
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  1. Just over the weekend, I got rid of my extra PS3 I had laying around and got a HP DV4-1227US Laptop. The guy I had got it from had Windows 7 Ultimate on it, which I was okay with. But, it was 32-bit, not 64-bit. The laptop has a dual core i3 M330 processsor clocked at 2.13ghz with 4gb ddr3 ram installed, so it's perfectly capable of running 64bit windows.
    So, I got an installation of Ubuntu 13.10 64bit to put on the computer as a fail-safe incase something went wrong with the installion of 64bit windows. Well heres the thing, I installed Ubuntu but it had said a file was corrupt, so I had to stop it and start over again, so I went ahead and formatted the whole harddrive for two reasons; the install messed up, and the guy had the harddrive have 3 sections/partitions on it and I didnt want that.
    After I tried to install, it went perfectly and installed but then as it rebooted some problems occured.

    1- when it booted up, the screen was black, but when I changed the brightness with the keys, the screen showed, but it was strethed past the screen about 2-3 inches to the right. (It was on the left edge perfectly, but went past the right edges. Also, at the bottom, it stretches anything down some and shows whats at the very top of the screen again, at the bottom.
    2- when updates installed, the screen was normal again, so I tried to install Windows 7 alongside Linux, but it simply wouldn't, so I had to format again, giving me the same offset problems as the first time.

    I've heard people say its a screen cord problem, and that its the screen itself. But, iif thats true, then why after updates on Linux, it was fixed the first time?

    If needed, I can upload pics of the screen display.

    I would like to have anyone help that can with this problem. Thanks.

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