Gainward 9800GTX & Windows 7 64 poor performance?

By onua444
Jan 4, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    i have problem with my graphic card. I've installed Windows 7 64-bit and my performance in games drops extremly. First example is PES 2010 game. That game i was able to run on 1680x1050 on full details smothly... Now i cant get it on 1440x900 on high detail. Only on low I've reinstalled PhysX but nothing, I've downloaded new nvidia drivers, nothing... Any sugestions?

    mobo: MSI P7N SLI Platinum
    cpu: E8400
    meme: 4GB DDR2 some transcend low budget
    gpu: Gainward 9800GTX
    psu: chieftec 450W
  2. dRaCID01

    dRaCID01 TS Rookie

    did u reinstall ALL driver by yourself.. Motherboardchipset, Gfx Driver, sounddriver..
    I have also a Win7 / 64Bit system ..but i have no troubles..
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