Game developers release pirated version to get back at pirates

By TheDreams
May 16, 2013
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  1. Some of you may of already heard of this unusual phenomenon on April 28, 2013, a game development simulator called Game Dev Tycoon made by Greenheart Games had two different versions but the public only thought there was one. This cracked version was uploaded on a torrent sharing website by the developers. What the cracked version did was when you went to sell a game, barely anyone bought the game, and a little dialog box popped up and it said that too many people were pirating and you would sooner or later go bankrupt and you made little to no profit.
    Greenheart Games later released a post saying that most people were using the torrented version and did not actually buy the game, they then posted a link to buy the game if you wanted to actually to play it for real.

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