Game Server LINUX Admin or assistance WANTED!

By TTomb
Feb 20, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Im looking for someone who is well experienced with linux and knows how to install games such as medal of honor allied assult, medal of honor spearhead, call of duty, call of duty united offensive, call of duty 2. I found some people who were able to install the games but not with linux and Im having some huge problems trying install the games.

    If you can msn that would be even better and you can go through my system via msn and work on it as I want to see how you do it and insure the saftey from my server ect so I want to watch what you do. We can also use skype or I can personally call you so you can help me follow along while I watch.

    I REALLY NEED someone who can install games on my linux server I already have the game server files all you have to do is install it on my server.
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