Gamecube turning disk but won't read

By Narciso
Nov 7, 2007
  1. I have fixing 2 gamecubes for tho diferent nephews (or whatever) and one wont even move the disk the othe reads 2 of five atempts and can runing many turning off and on's and the drama starts again What it could be? I want to kill the Gremlins and my relatyves too! Have someone Helpme please! I have some skills but I'm not Indiana Jones or Mc Guiver...
    Thanks for take the time to read mi HELP YOLP!
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Hello and welcome to Techspot, Narciso.

    You probably screwed up the optical len, causing it to stop working properly.

    Are you able to use the compressed can to blow it clean ?

    If not, are you able to bring it to repair shop ?
  3. gigety-420

    gigety-420 TS Rookie

    easy fix

    If you can get them apart i think i may be able to help. the one that wont turn a disk, it may have been dropped or something by one of your nephews, and the tiny spring inside the door sensor got knocked loose. open your cube and with the control ports facing you look to the top-right. you should see a small card with two little black boxes on it, and two levers sticking out. The tops of the boxes pop of with a lil prying (use a small flat blade or screwdriver) and check the springs under it. they may be turned sideways and not getting a good connection. for the other one, its proly the laser needs to be recalabrated.
    since this is my first post it wont let me send you a link, so i just attached the files below.

    hope this helps XP

    (BTW if the person who made this file i posted happens to read this, sry i didnt really have any other way to show him. im a new user and it wouldnt let me leave a link)
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