games hanging/freezing when they shouldn't.

By bwagy
Feb 27, 2005
  1. I am play nfs2u and it keeps freezing, same with other games. Just play and within 30 seconds (sometimes longer) it will just freeze and sound will continue.

    I read somewhere else on techspot someone had something similiar, was the true vector problem. So i went into the game, it hung, restarted and sure enough it occured when it hung. So i went thru the process of uninstalling zone alarm etc and reinstalled. All seemed well, i then went into game, and it hung again, this time i checked and the event viewer is now not reporting any errors. Can anyway help me with this?

    My Specs are:
    GigaByte GA8ST800 Mobo
    p4 3.06ghz
    1gb ddr memory
    xabre 400 graphics
    80gb seagate hdd.
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