Getting rid of Disk Checking

By cfitzarl
Aug 31, 2006
  1. Every time I start up my computer, even when it doesn't crash, and I use the shutdown button in the start menu the "disk check" loads up right before windows boots. Is there a way to disable this? Help will be much appreciated.
  2. Peddant

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    In XP go to Start/Run/type: chkntfs /x c:

    That will disable it for drive c. To do it on another drive just change c: to d: for example.

    Chkntfs works by modifying the BootExecute value in the Registry.


    The default value is BootExecute:REG_MULTI_SZ:autocheck autochk *

    Chkdsk /f /r is unaffected by chkntfs and can be run to check volumes manually on the next system reboot.

    More HERE

    For Win98 -Start/Run/Msconfig/OK/Advanced/ Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown option.
  3. cfitzarl

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    Thanks for the help!
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