Good 3DMark Scores ?

By JimShady23
Sep 14, 2006
  1. Well I have never really been into the video benchmarking thing to much, but in light of my new video card situation i decided to play a little bit and see what i came up with. I have 2 7600GT's in SLI. However I really dont know how good the performance is in the scheme of things. I know i should check the project comparison guide on the 3Dmark homepage but them guys on there from what i heard like to doctor things up, do tricks to get higher scores ect ect. I dont want to feel discuraged if I have a low score LoL Im damn excited about this new system LoL.

    Here are my 3dmark Scores. Keep in mind i didnt "prep" my system like restarting, halting all processes, getting rid of the desktop background ect ect. I just downloaded them and ran the dang things right in a row.

    3DmarkO3 Score: 22248

    3Dmark05 Score: 10347

    3Dmark06 Score: 5771

    Even though I dont know how good these scores are I will definatly tell you that SLI is really worth it. In FEAR and a few other games that I play my performance didnt just improove with the second card it doubled. And to tell you the truth with just one card my FPS performance was pretty good at maximun settings
  2. JMMD

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    I would compare your scores with similar machines online. Register at futuremark. I have not heard anything about people faking scores.
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