Google to buy social search company Aardvark

By Jos
Feb 11, 2010
  1. Hot on the heels of announcing a Twitter-like feature for Gmail called Buzz, Google is taking another step towards melding its services with social networking by agreeing to purchase Aardvark. Founded in 2007 by ex-Google engineers, the San Francisco-based startup runs a so called social search engine in which users can ask questions and get responses from the most qualified of their friends and friends of friends.

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  2. sunshineyes

    sunshineyes TS Rookie

    Google is the king of internet...
  3. This is great news.. Google is the best thing to ever happen to the world wide web. When I first started using Aardvark, I knew one day it will join Google. I knew it had the potential to. Its like a Google of its own kind. The only thing was the expansion and with Google now the user base of Aardvark will surely improve.
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