Graphics card on agp 4x?

By n0tepad
May 5, 2009
  1. Hello?? ...

    ... My motherboard has just AGP 4X DDR slot .. (OLD) , and I want to upgrade my video card to FX 5200 128MB AGP8X DDR video card . I know I can't upgrade it to those higher video card such as 1GB ..

    I just wondering if, does AGP 8X Video card or graphics card will works in AGP 4X slot? ..

    besides I've read to the internet that FX 5200 can works in aGP 4x and 8x slot.. thank U!!! :)
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    I have an old pentium 2.66 with a x4 speed agp slot on my mobo.
    Previously ive had a ati radeon 9600 pro 256 mb, a ati radeon 9800 and currently
    I am running a nividea geforce 7600 gs 512 mb ddr (reads as 1 gb)
    I can run grid, fear 2, empire total war. on low to medium settings of course.

    Go for any Agp card in your budget.
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    thnx for your replies!!
  5. n0tepad

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    TY , hehe ..

    sorry I don't know really what is this computer specs exactly ..

    you probably need to enumerate those .. ty ,


    I only know is just

    AMD duron processor
    pentium 4

    512MB RAM .. hheeh

    current VGA s3 graphics prosavage ddr 32MB shared memory has agp4x DDR slot

    the motherbard is ECS l7vmm2?? .. hehe
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    Get the HD 3850 for AGP 8X/4X. Your system is a bottle neck but Newegg has cards that will work provided you can power them. One caveat, the HD 3850's AGP have power plugs, so you have to have a PSU that can power them. I'm trying to do a mobo swap on my OEM HP so I can have an AGP slot on this old P4 but it's hard because of proprietary security on the mobo and Windows install. I'm getting a HD 3850 if I can get it to work though.
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