Guitar Hero 3... Video Card Problems!!

By Omel2324
Dec 27, 2007
  1. I just bought Guitar Hero 3 for my PC. The installation went perfectly, just as I was about to start the game, it told me that "this game does not support your video card".

    I have a Dell dimension e310. with Windows XP.
    My video card is an Intel 82915G/Gv/910GL

    I looked on the package for the game, and it said that the minimum video requierment are: "3D hardware accelorator car requierd- 100% direct X compatible/ Video Card (ATI)- Radeon X800/ Video Card (Nvidie)- Geforce 7600

    The game was 80$, so if i need to get a new video card, i dont want to have to pay alot more than the game...

    so, should i even bother to get a new video card (i dont play any other computer games other than this one)? and if so, which one??
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    First off hello and welcome to techspot.

    The game needs a higher level video card then what you currently have in order to run the game. The intel graphics you have are very weak. The game is highly criticized for having very high hardware requirements.

    You could normally do a video card upgrade for pretty cheap these days in order to meet those requirements.

    However the e310 does not have either and AGP or PCI-E expansion slot, so upgrading your graphics to something that will run that game is not going to happen.

    Next time before you buy a game,

    To see if you can run it

    Sorry the news couldnt of been better

  3. Omel2324

    Omel2324 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    aw =[

    well thanks anyway sean!
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