Hackers bypass activation in Windows 7, Server 2008 R2

By Jos
Nov 16, 2009
  1. Its funny how when MS brags about a better and most secure activation system the faster the hackers get around it. Ever since all the leaks, beta and RC, there has always been a way to hack W7 activation.

    Not to support piracy, but is amusing to see how hackers are always a step ahead.
  2. To the one who thinks Win7 is too expensive for students:

    You're an *****. Look and you will find the STUDENT UPGRADE for $30.

    Fail more please, thanks.
  3. redtigerdragon

    redtigerdragon TS Rookie

    I have to agree with the statements that piracy and price have little to do with each other. It has to do with what others were saying about how the more you brag it's secure, the more people want to hack it. I bet the FBI and NSA have logs of people trying to hack their stuff. Why? For the sake of the "look at my l33t hax0r skilz" factor, of course.

    Although i will say that price does play it's part. Not the largest one, but one none the less.
  4. Windows 7 is cheap , but server 2008 R2 is not , its around 3000$
    if it cheap like W7 i will buy it , but now im using the cracked version
    TMG 2010 is around 75000$ !!! how can buy this ?? only the large companies
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