HD (emi)

By SenateKT
Nov 1, 2005
  1. HD (emi) need some good advise

    ok i have an Asus p4s800D-E deluxe motherboard and i use the soundmax onboard sound. recently i installed a 120GB western digital SATA HD and now i just get a light buzzing in both my headphones and my speakers. When I move my mouse or open somthing i get a squeeking noise i called Asus tech support and was told it was emi from my harddrive interfereing with my onboard sound he told me my only real option was to try to move the hard drive further away but my SATA cable isnt really that long so i was wondering if any thing else would work. I was thinking maybe like a shield wall but im not sure what will block emi aluminum? maybe

    PLZ HELP i would love to stop the buz short of running my harddrive hanging out the side of my case or buying a 100$ soundcard......HELP
  2. Nodsu

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    Before doing anything crazy try simpler things first, like muting all unused inputs of your soundcard - set line-in, microphone and CD audio to mute. Remove the analog CD audio cable.

    Any metal will block EM radiation. You can try wrapping the drive in tin foil if you like - try not to short anything though :p The interference doesn't have to come in through thin air though - it may be fed into the motherboard circuitry and there is nothing you can do against that.
  3. SenateKT

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    well im pritty decent with computers ive tried muting everything but master volume, totaly disasembling and reasembling, unpluged all my fans, LED's, front panel USB's and i still get it ive tried compleatly uninstalling sound drivers getting new ones tried old drivers im ready to try some new options.
  4. Samstoned

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    try a better sata cable
    power cable could be to close to something
    I have had fluorescent lights mess with my modem cables
    rs 432 twisted pair
  5. jobeard

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    i just get a light buzzing in both my headphones and my speakers​
    Agree. Buzz/hum is a lack of good grounding (ie the shielding).
    Buy good cables and don't kink or get knots in them and they will serve you well.
  6. Samstoned

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    check irq for the sound and mouse setup
    is the mouse /keyboard usb?
    I was told by a supermicro tach that the 97 sound codes and on board sound on my MB where hoplessly fouled up
    and I should disable and get a better pci sound card
    instead I had a chance to get a nice speaker set and it stopped making the hum
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