HDD Not Detected When Attempting to Install XP Over Vista

By webbch8472
Oct 2, 2007
  1. Okay I just purchased a new laptop (Inspiron 1720), but unfortunately the only options Dell offered as far as Operating Systems go, was some variation of Windows Vista. Let me be the first to say that Vista is a piece of crap. Now I am trying to revert back to XP Pro (SP2). My problem is this:

    I had to set the CD drive to boot first in the boot order, but when I boot from the CD my computer apparently doesn't detect the presence of my hard drive. After I press ENTER to install a fresh copy of XP, I get a message saying that no hard drive was detected and that I must quit setup. There is nothing physically wrong with my hard drive, as I am able to boot from it (once I change the boot order back) with no problem. What am I missing here???
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    You appear to missing the SATA controller driver. Windows XP SP2 has some SATA drivers but not most of them (or many of them). Vista being new already has most basic SATA drivers so it's not a problem for Vista. For XP you should be given the opportunity to install third party "SCSI or RAID" drivers by pressing F6. But for this procedure to work you must supply these drivers from a floppy drive diskette. Your laptop probably didn't come with a floppy drive, correct? An external USB won't work.

    Your best bet is to make a slipstream CD with Windows and the necessary SATA driver(s) on it. Google for the proper procedure on how to make one. If you weren't supplied with a driver CD that contains the necessary XP compatible SATA driver(s), you will have to locate and download them from Dell. As a separate but related issue, you will also have to locate from Dell and install (after Windows is installed) all the other motherboard drivers that support XP.
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