>> HELP << Cannot see my DNS server from Internet

By nemagonnn
Jan 2, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I have this:

    a) a router linksys BEFSR41 configurated this:
    i) Internet Setup:
    * IP Address: 165*98*X*X (my IP public static)
    * Subnet mask: 255*255*255*192
    * Gatway, DNS1, DNS2: ISP information
    ii) Network Setup:
    * Router Local IP Address: 192*168*1*1
    * DHCP: Enable; start IP Address: 192*168*1*100; # address: 50, etc.
    iii) Port Range Forwarding:
    * Port Range: 80 to 80; protocol: both (TCP, UDP); IP address: 192*168*1*241 (my server with DNS server installed)

    b) a computer with OS windows 2000 server advanced and a server DNS configurated this:
    i) forward lookup zones
    ii) Start of Authority:
    * Primary Server:ns1*mycompany*co'm
    iii) Name Servers:
    * Server name:ns1*mycompany*co'm
    * Ip Address: 192*168*1*241
    iv) host:
    Host Address
    --------- -----------------
    ns1 192*168*1*241
    vvv 192*168*1*241

    I need:

    host my domain name mycompany*co'm in my computer with DNS server.

    My Problem:

    My DNS fail, the site .dnsreport*com say:
    "A timeout occurred getting the NS records from your nameservers! None of your nameservers responded fast enough. They are probably down or unreachable. I can't continue since your nameservers aren't responding. If you have a Watchguard Firebox, it's due to a bug in their DNS Proxy, which must be disabled. "

    I guess that the error is between the router and my computer. I tried 165*98*x*x/default.aspx and everything it's OK.

    Someone has idea how solving this problem

    thanks a lot

    PS: * = .


    vvv = 3w
    co'm = com
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