Help - is it toast?

By Shaaz
Jan 12, 2010
  1. Hi All,
    I've had WD external hard drive for a few months now - details: connects via USB and has an external power source.
    I have another software key connected to the other usb - one day out of the blue - they both just stopped working :confused: I plugged the "key" into the back - nada, the "key" is very expensive very reliable - has worked for years. So I call suppport - they helped me to map it to the drive again. Smile - all's well with the world...

    except: External Hard Drive isn't working!! its seen in that "safely remove hardware" icon thingy - It's seen in the disk manager see details:
    Disk manager:
    USB storage device, it's enabled and driver is USBSTOR.SYS
    Disk drives: it's there driver is disk.sys
    it's NOT in disk management - there's no "partition" (right word?) for it.
    It's lighting up, it's running, just can't see it in disk management and not in My computer.

    Please please please I DO NOT want to reformat - simply can't lose the pix and vids of kid's first steps...I mean he's running havoc all over the house now but nevertheless....and I do have work related things on there as I did get the external as a backup (obviously cd's would have been a better choice it appears)

    Please any advice?

    Thanx a mill
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