Help! SLI set up problems with gigabyte mobo

By mcpalmer
Mar 5, 2008
  1. hiiiii.

    I having problems getting sli to work on my system so any help appreciated. I've got an old gigabyte ga-k8nxp-sli skt 939 board and can't get 2 8800gt's to work in xp.

    They are a point of view 8800gt 512mb and an asus en8800gt 512mb - same gpu and same memory so should work - but don't!

    The mobo has a chip you flip over to enable sli mode - i did this and installed both cards but did not intially connect the bridge. i installed drivers on 1st card then tried on the second but computer wouldn't boot from 2nd card pci- e 2 slot when monitor connected - i also tried different bios settings to get card picked up but no luck. i swapped graphics cards over and still pci-2 slot was not picked up.

    I tried running in sli mode with bridge and just pci-e 1 slot card installed. computer booted fine but did not detected 2nd card in device manager and there was no sli options showing in graphics settings.

    So, does this sound like the 2nd pci-e slot is broken? I'm a a bit of a sli newbie so i'm not sure. Since i'm getting no response from 2nd slot with either card i'm assuming it IS the mobo but any other opinions greatly appreciated. So what do you think? dodgy mobo?
  2. Gavin_Capacitor

    Gavin_Capacitor TS Rookie Posts: 47

    If you've tried the card that you computer booted with in the other PCIe slot and it didn't show anything than yes, I would think that the slot is to blame.

    That being said, why the **** are you trying to put SLI 8800GT's in a motherboard that has max DDR 400 ram and a socket 939 CPU? Instead of buying two 8800GT's you should've bought one 8800GT and a new mobo, ran and CPU. You would've gotten a much better computer.
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