Help with DVD/CD burner; acting very strange...

By Starfox1
Oct 28, 2006
  1. sony dvd rw dw-u18a
    XP sp2, all latest updates.
    3.0 ghz P4, 512 MB Ram
    Single OS, single HDD SATA

    It was working fine yesterday, I used it to burn a dvd image onto a blank dvd.
    Today I attemptted to burn some files to a dvd and XP won't even set the shortcuts, says "problem copying windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file".
    With CD media, it works just works fine, and it can see the content of already burned DVDs and read the files. So the only problem seems to be writing on DVD media, it can read DVDs, and it can read and write CDs.

    -I removed and re-added the driver.
    -did a system restore to a previous time before all recent app installs.
    -verified it is the same type of media (+R, 8X)
    -tried different DVDs
    -rebooted a couple of times

    Can anyone help me solve the enigma?
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