Hiding/Restricting hard drives for Limited Users in XP Home

By winxpuser
Nov 1, 2009
  1. Hoping someone can help me out with this.

    I am running XP Home SP 3.

    I have two local users (no networking) one is an admin (me) the the other is a limited user. I would like to hide two internal harddrives and one external (USB) harddrive from the limited user and restrict them from accessing it.

    So when I log in, I want to see and be able to acces (read/wrtie) to all the drives.

    When the limited user logs in, I do not want them to see or be able to access the drives - ideally they would only be able to access their 'Documents' folder.

    Can this be accomplished in XP Home, or do I need to upgrade to XP PRo, Vista, 7?

    If I do upgrade, how difficult is it to accomplish this?

    I have tried using TweakUI, but this only works on the admin account (option for hiding does not show up when logged in as limited user).

    I would consider setting up an additonal limited user for me if that would help.
  2. LookinAround

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    re: TweakUI
    > you couldn't access the hide/display settings panel as a limited user
    > That sounds right. A limited user shouldn't have registry access (which TweakUI does)
    > Did you just look if the drives were hidden once you did it under Admin account?
    Here's a post that tells how to do it manually, but it;s essentially what TweakUI does.

    re: Setting Permissions
    Essentially, you need access to the Security tab for a file/folder's Properties. As i recall, for XP Home you need boot into safe mode to see the Security tab. Then assign permissions as you please
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