hook up cd or video card to tv?

By nyorker
Jul 1, 2002
  1. Guys how do i hook up my cdrom to a tv? through the Gef ti 4200? if so how do do it? what cable do i need? i have a xtasy gef ti 4200? i have movies on cd id like to see on tv??

    im gonna need a very long cable. how do i do this? what cable and what extensions do i need? where can i get them to?
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    You will need an S-Video cable to run from the video card to your tv set. Thats pretty much all you will need, then you just set in the display properties control panel to output to tv - and you are set. You will have to decrease your resolution to 640x480 or 800x600 to do this though because tv's can't handle resolutions that high. Although I remember reading somewhere that someone could output at 1600x1200 but if you look at that its just twice 800x600 so thats probably how it worked - the tv just didn't process every other line.
    Keep in mine there are limitations on how long of cable you have. I can't tell you how long the exact limit is because it probably depeneds on quality of your S-Video cable and how much amperage? or is it voltage? your card puts out, basically signal strength. (I wasn't ever good in electric/magnetic physics).
    You can pick up S-Video cables at any place that sells tvs/vcrs/or dvds.
    /me recommends Monster Cable if you can afford it :)
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