hooking my computer to my tv

By unrealjet
Mar 10, 2006
  1. i have a 6600gt pci express with a tv out. The tv out has a big connector on the other end with rca jacks. i plugged the rca jacks into my tv and put my tv on the dvd channel. Not sure if i need additional software or something and i new to this. any help would be appreciated.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    What type of tv do you have, and what connections are you using(composite, component, dvi, svideo, etc)?

    If you use composite(the yellow tipped rca), then you'll set your tv to something like "line in 1, av input 1, etc(whatever it's called in your tv). You also have to set your video card to output a proper signal. I had to run a nvidia tv setup wizard of somesort to get it to work, once the tv was connected. You have to select the appropriate cable type when you set it in the tv wizard.
  3. unrealjet

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    dont remember brand of tv, just a big normal tv with rca connectors in the front. Im using the video connectors from the rca cord. Im going to check out the properties of my video game when i get home and see if i can make it work
  4. rickatnight11

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    Go into your nVidia graphics options, and look for the TV section. See if it recognizes the TV as a device, and then set up how you want it. You can have it mimic what is on the monitor, or set the TV up as another monitor, or whatever you want. Just plugging it in however doesn't activate the TV out. You have to turn it on in nVidia's options.
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