How to create my own restore disk?

By jungleexplorer
Apr 9, 2007
  1. As most of us know, Win XP becomes unstable after a while and at some point will require a complete reinstall. Anyone who has gone through this nightmare knows that this can be very time consuming, because you not only have to reinstall Windows; you have to download months or years of updates to get it up to date and secure. Then you have to reinstall all of you software and update them just like Windows. This not to mention all of your drivers, and lets not forget ACTIVATION! (AGGRAVATION!) of all this software and Windows. Frankly, I am real tired of this.

    Here is what I want to know how to do. I just bought a brand new 250GB HD because my primary HD on my system is starting to go. I am planning to create a 20GB partition exclusively for Windows and Software installation. After I go through the 3 days+ it will take to get everything loaded, installed and updated, I want to know how to create and IMAGE file of that partition. What I mean by "IMAGE" is something like an ISO image of a DVD disk. An exact replica IMAGE of that partition that I can save to a file or to 4 DVD disk. This way, when windows starts failing again, all I have to do is blow away and reformat the partition and copy the image to it. This way I would not have to reinstall anything, or re-activate anything. The only updating I would have to download is the updates from the time I created the image, not all the way from back when Win XP was first released!

    Some of you may know of a better way to this then what I am thinking. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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    Yes, this is common practice.

    You can use any disk imaging tool to do this. More advanced ones will actually create bootable CDs/DVDs for you so you don't even need any extra software to restore.
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