HP 6100 Printing BLANK faxes

By cactech
Jun 19, 2005
  1. Hi

    I was at a friends last night and he has an HP-6100 All In One. He was having problems with it doing about everything. I uninstalled all the drivers and then re-installed everything withOUT the machine being plugged in. Every function came back EXCEPT printing incoming faxes. Copying works fine, Printing worked fine, Scanning worked fine, outgoing faxes worked fine. I tried printing a report showing all the settings but it came out blank also. It seems that the machine is having problems printing from memory. I would think the incoming faxes would go to memory and then be printed, and printing a report would be from memory also.

    Any suggestions for this? I did a return to factory settings too. It acts like it is printing, paper moves, ink ctg. carriage moves back and forth but no ink is actually sprayed on the paper.

    OS is XP by the way.

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