HP a6013w Slow Bios startup

By Pangolins
May 27, 2009
  1. Ok..

    Processor- 3ghz single core

    RAM- 3gb

    (32-bit os - Vista)

    Every time I Startup and takes forever. I asked around and I've been told it's a Bios problem. I'm more of a hardware savvy kind of guy and I need some help.

    So when I boot up, it gives me the HP bios screen..and sits there for about 4-5 minutes, very frustrating, I have done memory tests and all that junk. Scanned for faulty hardware, every thing came up just fine. This just started maybe a month ago.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    if it is slow on the post, it's bios - which shouldn't be an issue. If it is - then read:

    otherwise it is your directory. run crap cleaner registry repair or glarysoft registry repair. both are free. or just run CHKDK C: from windows.
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