HP DV7 1020-US vs. HP DV7 1170-US

By b1ackplague
Sep 27, 2008
  1. I just recently purchased the HP DV7 1020US laptop from newegg for 1349.99 + 19.32 shipping (and 50$ MIR).

    But today i got on saw the HP DV7 1170US for 1199.99 + 18.60 Shipping (no MIR at all) .

    Not including the MIR; what did i get for my extra ~150$?

    From what i can tell its only the CPU:
    DV7 1020US has P7350 - 1066MHz FSB w/ 3MB L2 Cache.
    DV7 1170US has T5800 - 800MHz FSB w/ 2MB L2 cache.

    My question is, Is it really worth the extra 150$?
  2. b1ackplague

    b1ackplague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One More Thing

    Does the 1020 US support DDR3 memory?
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