HP Pavilion DV6

By craigcar
Feb 19, 2016
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  1. images2HR82DWD.jpg Hi I have a HP Pavilion DV6 3070 tx upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 got it when it was released in 2015 took a while to sort out still a few small things but no big deal.
    One thing I did loose was my HDMI connection I've let MICROSOFT and HP have control of my laptop
    neither know why and cant solve the issue the VGA works as normal.

  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus TS Evangelist Posts: 1,657   +309

    I haven't tried to migrate my dv4 yet, but my bet would be 'mainboard drivers' and look to HP to support such a nice new laptop as yours. Check HP support every 2 weeks or so.
  3. craigcar

    craigcar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks ill give it a go and let you know results.

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