Hp Pavilion Elite m9517c freezes at welcome screen

By infwiz901
Jul 13, 2009
  1. Hp pavilion elite m9517c. I turned on the computer after a week of not using it and and it literally does not boot past the blue welcome screen. To be more specific when I turn the computer on the blue HP welcome screen appears, then nothing else happens, it just stays their meaning it I left it alone it would stay like that all night and day. I had the USB wireless keyboard that didn't work so I got the older model and tired to enter "setup" and that didn't work, system recovery didn't work nor did anything else it stuck. Does anyone know what to do, I can't even enter the boot menu. I tired holding the buttons during boot up and literally nothing works. It running windows vista home basic. I can't enter safe mode either. It's like a big block of un-responsive ice, it just sits their. Can anyone help.
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