HP unveils Envy x2 hybrid tablet and two touch-enabled ultrabooks

By Matthew
Aug 30, 2012
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  1. As with many other system vendors, HP is preparing a handful of new touch products for the launch of Windows 8, including a Surface-like hybrid slate. Branded the Envy x2, the core device is a fairly typical tablet, albeit one...

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  2. Might I suggest sticking to one primary measurement system (metric or imperial) and having the other one in brackets (consistently) after it.

    Just sticks out a bit to me having the weight in pounds with kilograms in brackets and then the thickness in millimeters with no inches in brackets. And even then switching from imperial as the primary to metric seems strange. Maybe I'm being too picky though...
  3. Arris

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    I like touch on tablets but for a laptop I'm happy enough with a mouse as I want to see whats on my screen, not a plethora of fingerprint smudges and smears. Have to clean my laptop screen often enough already without having touch on it too!
  4. lchu12

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