HP's Windows-based tablet may live despite Palm purchase

By Jos
Jul 21, 2010
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  1. After HP completed its Palm acquisition earlier this month, everyone pretty much assumed the company would drop its plans of a Windows 7 equipped tablet and focus on webOS instead. Well, that may not be the case after all. A listing for the HP Slate 500 appeared yesterday on the company's site, depicting a device similar to the prototype shown at CES 2010, and now the PC manufacturer has officially confirmed this morning that the product is still very much in the works.

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    I would purchase one if they can get it to work with Windows 7 64-bit. Even though I have 4 new laptops with 2 being netbooks still just to have a touchscreen (pad/tablet/slate/edge) wireless system right there while I watch my HDTV would be a bit better than a netbook or full laptop. This is future of computing until they can have it so I could tell the system what to do out loud I will settle for this type of device for now!
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