I need some thoughts on video setup

By Jomofo
Oct 2, 2009
  1. ok i have a acer B273HU 27inch monitor with max res of 2048x1152 and a 40000:1 ratio 5ms respones time, it has 3 inputs vga, dvi-d, and hdmi. my questions is about hooking up what to what.

    xbox360 runs hdmi @ 1080p 16:9, but it runs vga @ 1920x1200 on a different monitor that is 16:10 a acer b243w 24inch
    im realy lost idk if digital signal 1080p is better than anolog 1920x1200, now 1080p must mean that the monitor is running 60hz from xbox, and i have no way of telling if the vga is outputting the same HZ or just 50hz

    also i need my pc hooked up to this aswell curruntly i use the dvi-d @ 2048x1152/60hz my pc is a amd phenom 9750, 4x2gb ddr800mhz, pci-e2.0 asus eah3870 512mb video card, all on a gigabyte ma790xds4 mobo

    i can run xbox on vga or hdmi (i dont think useing the dvi to hdmi convertor would work backwards ie run hdmi from xbox and convert to dvi into monitor)
    i can run pc on dvi-d or hdmi (and of course vga but y would i do that)
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