I organised my huge Itunes Library, but the songs are still on the HDD

By necrocell
Feb 10, 2011
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  1. I have been running out of hard drive space on my laptop, so i decided to trim down my 22000 songs to save space. After many nights of going through the songs I have got the number down to about 7000. As i was doing it i was wondering why it was asking me if i wanted to move some of them to the recycle bin and other it wasn't. I stupidly ignored this flaw.

    So i now have the Itunes library I want but most of the songs are still on my hdd. Is there any way of getting rid of the other songs without having to go through them all again?

    I have considered exporting the library to many dvd's but that may take a while but it could be my only option.

    All thought are welcome.


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