Ice Wind Dale 2 trailer

By Arris
Mar 16, 2002
  1. IceWindDale2 trailer and interview

    I've been looking forward to a nice non-FPS game for a while and this might just be it. After Baldur's Gate2 and Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance (PS2) I've been itching for a new RPG. I've never been a AD&D participater outside the digital world, well there was this one time but the DM got annoyed when one of us chose to have an allergy to beer to get some more points for stats :) Plus the whole physical rolling of X many Y sided di got a bit tedious, but when I ventured into the land of Baldur's gate on the PC I liked what I experienced. Dark Alliance was more a blend of the classic Gauntlet game with BG as you only got a choice of 3 characters, still it was a hack and slash romp that was great fun. After watching the trailer I think I will add this to my list of games to get. ;)
  2. Demiurg

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    Looks sweet. As you I'm a FPS-addict looking for alternatives. So far the only real alternative has been the amazing "Baldurs Gate 2" and "Throne of Bhaal" (can't play the earlier ones, such as "BG", "Icewind Dale" & "Planescape Torment" as they only support 640x480 resolution, which looks craptacular).
    Looking forward not only to "ID 2", but also to "Warcraft III", "Dungeon Siege" and "Neverwinter Nights" (which hopefully will be the Quake of RPG:s, with lots of mods, custom maps and a huge multiplayer community (I'm a bit concerned with the graphics, though, which looks very dated IMO - but I have a lot of confidence in BioWare after the astonishing "BG 2"))
  3. Arris

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    You ought to have a look at the BG : Dark Alliance stuff from the PS2. It was even more stunning.
  4. Ai Hate

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    while waiting, maybe you could take a look a Planescape: Torment. some said it's one of the best AD&D RPGs made. and i have to say that it has a VERY complex story. the game play is really free. it focuses on the story more than the action.
    i haven't finished it though, got stuck, had other things to do, came back and forgot the story, so i can't proceed. i forgot what i was doing at the time! :dead:
    it's more like reading a book, i'd say :)

    Planescape: Torment Official Site
    review @

    did i mention that the game was very loooooooong? ;)
  5. Arris

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    Re: Re: Ice Wind Dale 2 trailer

    Might do that. I think my house mate owns a copy ;)
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