IE Shutting out

By Ididmyc600
Nov 19, 2006
  1. Just noticed tonite, I recently changed to a clean image of XP after the last one got a tad clogged up with junk, seems to be only on techspot that it does it,

    I can be clicking a link to a new thread, or submitting a post and IE will just close but when it does it takes all the open IE pages, regardless of which site they are showing, I can browse MSN, Bitsoup, Ebay and the like with no problems at all, but as soon as I start clicking around in Techspot, bang the pages are gone, in fact I was downloading the new IE7 as a fix and the download box closed out at the same time as IE crashed.

    Is it something in techspot's code that's doing it, or something in this new clean install, I did think it may be the OS, as I had added a few programs after the install, so to be sure I reghosted back to the clean image, but still have the same problems....

    And no upgrading to IE 7 didnt fix it,


    Yep I just submitted this post and it happened again. im off to post on another site I use and see if it happens there....
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