Installing Snow Leopard OSX onto an AMD system

By Ezekiel7
Nov 26, 2009
  1. Ever since Windows 7 has came out, I have loved it to bits. It has never made me so happy to admit what operating system I'm using. However, when I made the upgrade from Vista I also upgraded to a new Intel SSD making my experience faster than ever before.

    Realizing I still had a great HDD laying around, I wanted to do something with it. Although I didn't want to put Linux or Windows on it. That's when I decided to give Snow Leopard OSX a go. Without hesitation I transferred the files I wanted from the HDD onto the SSD, and wiped it to begin my journey.

    Now, here's where the problems begin to start. This is a custom built computer, which runs an AMD processor. After personal experiences I know that this is an issue. AMD processors are not OSX friendly. I simply cannot run the installation as simply as I would like to.

    So, fellow members of the TechSpot forums; how can I make this become a reality? How is it possible to perform a fresh install of Snow Leopard OSX onto a AMD system? What tools would I need? What all should I be prepared for and how?

    Thank you,
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    This is not an allowed topic on TechSpot. A little Google will get you all the information you need.
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