Intel 320 40GB SSD

By KMA212
Jul 26, 2011
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  1. Hi all I am planing to go for a intel 320 40GB SSD with very attractive price point. However I am worry about the performance ( eq: random read 30000iops vs 80GB 38000iops). Is there any difference in real word ? I am going for a boot drive to boost general performance and multitasking. Any advice ?
  2. Eigfrost

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    I wouldn't worry about the performance... there are YouTube videos of the 320 40GB booting up Windows and it looks pretty snappy.

    In fact, going from a standard mechanical HD to an SSD you'll notice a big difference, no matter what the SSD, even the most value oriented ones.

    So I say go for it... although while performance isn't a worry, the size is perhaps a little tight, you won't be able to put much on 40GB after the OS, obviously.

    You could maybe consider something like that Corsair Force range which gets a good review there as excellent value for money considering the performance, of course that's the 120GB model but you could go for the 60GB one.

    Either that or I've heard good things about the Crucial M4 64GB which might not be the best rated in terms of tech specs, but it has very good real world performance, and again isn't going to break the bank.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    It's not a huge difference. Probably unnoticeable for you.
    I'm sorry that I don't know if intel has managed to fix up their recent bug, but you probably want to look into that before buying.
  4. KMA212

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    Thank you all of u guys for the advices. I had bought a intel 320 40GB a week ago it perform well really fast booting into windows. The space is really a hurt for 40GB drive I am not able to store my games into it.. Intel had acknowledge the bug and I hope that intel will fixing it soon.

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