Intel Matrix Technology?!?

Apr 4, 2007
  1. I'm trying to get my RAID setup working with the IMT, but for some reason, I can't install the software for it. It claims that I don't have the system requirements to setup the software.

    However, I'm running WinXP, with the Gigabyte P965-DS3P rev3.3, which should have the IMT.

    The program I'm talking about is here:
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    Have we moved past this part:

    You need to install the raid driver (from floppy) before (while) you're installing Windows. Push F6 at the prompt. You must have 2 SATA drives, and they MAY need to support NCQ. The standard WD caviars 320GB and below DO NOT. Model # Initials SE. The WD RE ("Raid Edition")drives ALL support NCQ, As do (I think) all the Seagate SATAs. On Intel's 965 boards, Viiv is only supported with C2D processors. You can't run a single SATA drive in the SATA mode (Intel calls it ACHI) unless you have Vista. With XP single drives run as IDE. I don't know how much of this applies to other mfgs. boards with the 965 chipset.
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    Hrmm... thanks for all that info, quite abit of this is new for me. I didn't know NCQ had any effect on RAID setups...

    Anyway, I was looking for this program, the Create RAID Volume Wizard. Currently I'm running a 120gb and a 200gb, both SATA1. I'm thinking of adding in another 120gb SATA (from another computer), and run RAID with the other 120gb, which is partitioned into 2 drives, one of them my C: drive.

    And according to the Create RAID Volume Wizard, I can create a RAID0 without actually losing the data on it.

    And before people comment, I know RAID0 doesn't offer data protection, and its generally bad, but I don't really care if my data goes to craps, can't be bothered reinstalling windows. Again.
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