Internet Explorer will not load

  1. I recently ran into this problem tonight...not to worry, I found a easy fix for this. Go to your "Start Menu" and click on "Control Panel". In the upper right corner in the "search" box, type: internet explorer. A list will appear that will give you several options to select. Under the heading "Internet Options", click the first link labled "change the search provider in Internet Explorer". Another box called "Internet Properties" should pop up. Once here, click on the "Advanced tab".
    Then simply click on the "Reset" tab at the bottom, which is under the tab labled "Restore advanced settings". Then another box will pop up asking you to verify that you want to reset IE settings. Click "reset". Presto! Your all done...Good luck...this should fix your problem....
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  2. CassandraIETeam

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    Other things to try...

    Hello thatredbullguy,

    Thanks for sharing this tip! Resetting Internet Explorer can fix most problems that people experience in Internet Explorer. Before resetting IE settings, you should check to see if you can see another web page. Sometimes this message occurs because there is something wrong with a particular site and simply giving it time will fix the issue. I also recommend resetting your modem or router and see if that fixed the problem. If neither of these steps work, then reset IE settings (but be aware that you'll also have to re-install any add-ons).

    Hope this helps

    IE Outreach Team
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    Thank you so much. I thought I would have to delete the internet explorer and start again. Because of you I still have all my favorites saved which is important to me since I use the explore for my business contacts.
    Thank you,
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    would be wise to EXPORT those immediately and copy them to some secondary media :wink:
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    Other than being a 2 year old thread, you failed to mention OS & IE version.
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    Thanks fixed my problem.
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    Would you kindly post how you fixed it or what you did to fix it so it might help others? :)
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    While I am certainly no fan of IE, everyone should be able to use the browser of THEIR choice - - "when in Rome, do as the Romans to" :)
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