IP Numbers

By Tweakster
May 18, 2002
  1. I hear that soon we will all have a personnal ip number. IP version 4 or something similar? Is this a good thing?
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Where did you hear that?
    There are too many people for individual IPv4 numbers. IPv6 could do. But I still doubt that.
    It's a Bad Thing if something like this happens.
  3. Tedman

    Tedman TS Rookie Posts: 39

    I believe its IPv6. Has further information I presume. Some people think that IP numbers will be alot harder to memorize using ipv6.
  4. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +6

    in so many ways dotted hex is much more efficient than dotted decimal. I am looking forward to ipv6 a great deal.
  5. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,181   +411

    There are some great explanations of how to easily and quickly read hex - lemme see if I can find them and post it here - it's pretty awesome!

  6. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Please do so! As hex otherwise looks more or less like gibberish to me... Would be nice to know how to read it... :)
  7. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    You won't get your own personal IP unless you pay for it. You do, ya know ;)
    Reading Hexadecimal
    Is this what you were talking about Pappy?
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