iPhone interface creator Greg Christie to leave Apple after dispute with Jony Ive, report claims

By Shawn Knight
Apr 10, 2014
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  1. Tension between Apple senior vice president Jony Ive and human interface vice president Greg Christie have apparently reached a boiling point with the end result being a pretty big management shakeup according to sources briefed on the matter as reported...

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  2. Good. Ever stop to look at iOS 1 next to iOS 7? ITS THE SAME THING.
    **Apple fans come swooping in to argue it's completely different**

    Guest user pastes this photo to prove them wrong.
    Tell me again why someone was paid six figures to "create" new interfaces?
  3. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,920   +627

    Ah, perhaps the Apple legacy is falling apart at long last.
  4. Seems like it should have went the other way, the cartoonish look of iOS 7 is not something I'd call an evolution.
  5. I remember reading an article not too long ago about the hierarchical bureaucracy at Apple. This seems to only support that view.
  6. "Good. Ever stop to look at iOS 1 next to iOS 7? ITS THE SAME THING."

    have you ever seen all the UI? not just the homescreen? it's more like an android rather than iOS
  7. I hope that does not mean they will "update" the look and feel of Mac OS X. I can't use iOS7, it's ugly and I can't find anything there, if they do the same to their desktop OS, it'll be a tough day for me. I bet the competitors' agents, who infiltrated Apple and bribed their way into making iOS7 a reality are working hard to get the "modern style" through to desktop as well. Competition is such a stupid thing when it comes to tools. I mean - I don't care which brand the hammer is, I just need one, because I use it in my work. Computer is just a tool to me. When two brands of hammer makers start to compete, theoretically a better hammer is produced, but in practice I end up with no hammer at all. But majority don't care because majority doesn't really work. They want entertainment, toys, thrills. It's so annoying that today toys are a bigger business than tools. Everybody is making toys - mobile phones, tablets, tons of useless fancy junk... Open source community is frighteningly often becomes a play-pretend game for nut cases who want to believe they are someone important, they just make up standards, rules and regulations, and make a religion out of if. They don't care about practical outcome of those standards and rules, 80% of which are never used, and the other 20% have to be bent and hacked to make any sense in the real world. The opposite is the Big Business, which is all about money, where product is a side-effect, and managers are like headless bowels, who have no organ with which they can decide themselves if what they do is crap or not - they rely on ROI forecasts and post-sales analysis. The world needs an enema.

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