is my Seagate 200gb hdd broken? help please.

By F4Rid
Jul 11, 2005
  1. So i think my seagate drive is broken. i have a seagate st3200822a internal drive in an external enclosure case and yesterday it was making this sound like if the power kept disconnecting or something but it was working fine, so i turned it off for a min and turned it back on and since then when i try to turn it on it spins for like 5 seconds and resets itself and makes this beeping sound and it keeps doing that no matter how long i leave it. i am using it on a powerbook, and my powerbook doesn't see the drive at all. so i tried connecting it to my windows xp machine and i can see it on there as hardware but i can't do anything to it, even macdrive can't see the drive or the files. and i think it makes the same sound in the windows machine but i just can't hear it because it has some loud fans. so i looked on the seagate site and they have this tool called seatools which is a diag tool that runs on dos, and it is running right not on my windows machine and its doing a surface test, its been running for about an hour an no errors so far. what the hell is going on im confused! im thinking of calling seagate, but they wil probably just replace the drive and i was hoping there was a way i could fix this because i had about 200gb of data on it.
    any ideas?

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