iTunes and Vista

By giyad
May 5, 2007
  1. "So I am running Vista Business edition and iTunes was working fine. I downloaded the update 7.1.1 which was supposed to fix any problems with Vista, and now my iTunes doesn't work anymore... Ironic isn't it hehe. So this is what I was doing, I was installing filter, check it out at, which adds on to iTunes to create playlists for you by selecting up to 3 artists. When I tried to use filter, I opened iTunes and it told me to update, so I did. Now whenever I try to open I tunes I get "iTunes has stopped working Windows is checking for a solution to the problem." Also, this may have something to do with it but I doubt it, I don't have quicktime, instead I have the Quicktime Alternative installed. Any suggestions at all??

    Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, Ive already uninstalled filter, and Ive used CCleaner to clean up the registry. Does anyone know what exactly to remove from the registry to completely get rid of iTunes so I can perform a fresh install?"
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    It all works now. The new quicktime Alternative 1.81 fixed the issue I guess. You can't run iTunes without having a version of quicktime installed is what it seemed. As soon as I uninstalled quicktime I would get the error when trying to open iTunes. Now after installing the quicktime Alt it started to work again :D


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