Judge: File-swapping tools are legal

By Julio Franco
Apr 26, 2003
  1. A big win for all of us PC users, either you use P2P programs or not, it's a matter of our privacy and freedom over the net. Federal court Judge Stephen Wilson ruled that Streamcast (Morpheus) and Grokster were not liable for copyright infringements that took place using their software. I should also mention, this has got nothing to do with Kazaa, currently the most popular P2P program available.

    "Defendants distribute and support software, the users of which can and do choose to employ it for both lawful and unlawful ends," Wilson wrote in his opinion, released Friday. "Grokster and StreamCast are not significantly different from companies that sell home video recorders or copy machines, both of which can be and are used to infringe copyrights."

    While the P2P war is definitely not over, these should be good news for us, finally. What I fear the most now is having both RIAA and MPAA going directly after users, they sure have a lot of power in their hands.
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    BTW, i don't like the AD on the right side of the top news.

    it is stupid there at that place. i have to come here less often than before.
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    Me neither but without our ad's we wouldn't be able to run this site...

    Please discuss this matter in Site Comments & Suggestions instead.
  4. ßas']['arD

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    As long as the MPAA/RIAA don't start coming down on people with d/l'ed porn and software...P2P will reign.
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