Keyboard emulator on VDX 6318 with X-Linux

By hassanmahmood
Jun 10, 2011
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  1. hi:
    i AM using SBC with xlinux. i attach PS2 keyboard and check all the signals waveforms. on the basis of that i have devloped avr based keyboard. so that i can send commands from my avr through PS2. all is well.
    But the issue is after some time PS2 of SBc freez even if attache original keyboard it didnt work. ihv restarted the system change hard disk but no use. one of my SBc is permannently damage bt it does all othe functions . and one is freez for 30 min. after many retires it woke up.

    i cant understand the prolem. can u help.
    i am using 4.7K resistor for pull up on data nad clock lines with 5v volt. i hv tried 3v too but same problem.
    plz tell me it is due to current limit or sending code prolblem something else.......

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