Keyboard Issues

By ComputerGuy55
May 7, 2009
  1. EDIT: Issue solved. I am a tech working on customer computers and they seemed to have turned on a "Filter Keys" Setting which I was unfamiliar with, I turned this feature off and the keyboard works fine!

    OK so I have a weird problem which I have never seen before. I have a computer here and everything works great except the keyboard.

    I noticed the pin on the keyboard PS/2 connector was bent in, so I fixed it, plugged it in and the computer beeps when I hit a key, but if I hold it for 1 - 2 seconds it beeps when I hit it, and beeps again when keyboard gets through to the computer, then a letter appears, but only one, no repeat if I hold the key down.

    I have tried a USB keyboard, brand new, same problem. Tried another PS/2 Keyboard, same problem. I have uninstalled the drivers, the software, nothing so far has worked. Any help is very well appreciated.
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