Laptop is driving me crazy

By jhaynes
Apr 14, 2008
  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this site I hope you can help. For about the last 6 months my laptop keeps shutting down. First I kept getting messages saying windows is closing down this could be due to recent hardware installed(even though i have not installed anything) other messages saying that are checking file fat 32, other times it just shuts down with no messages, then i have problems trying to get it to come on again, on one occasion i turned it on and off 10 times, eventually it came back on. sometimes i can get it on for 2 days then it shuts down again. I havent been able to get it on for 3 days. I have tried holding down the on button, checked that theres no lose plugs cables, taken battery out put it back in again, re booting.
    someone said take the back off and check for dust but i don't have the small screwdriver to open it. I have had 2 tech guys in work look at it, they said there is nothing wrong. PC world want £120 just to look at it. is there something i can do before i start paying out ridiculous £s. It's a compaq presario 700 i have had it 4 years. I not technical at all, so if you can help please keep your answers simple. thanks.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    Difficult to diagnose this from your description. I have seen Dell equipment behave like this and require a fix to the power control board but that is not quaranteed.
    Avoid PC World and have a local shop look at it - the problem is that a new PC is not going to cost the earth today. If you need a totally relaible repair shop (in the east midlands) you could PM me.
  3. jhaynes

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    Thanks for the offer, but i live in London, I have passed it to a tech guy in work who has his own shop, he is charging £25 to check it over, so i will have to wait and see if he can fix it. Thanks anyway.
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