laptop suddenly wont power on

By marzman
Aug 23, 2006
  1. Hey all,

    I was fixing my stepdad's laptop today (ibm thinkpad t21...fairly old with no battery) as it had a virus. I fixed the problem using spyware doctor or whatever, and everything was fine... computer worked perfectly.

    So i told him to try it out tonight, and now it wont power on at all!

    It is getting power, as it has (and always has had) and orange flashing light telling me the battery is dead! However when i press the power switch, the light doesnt blink (so in effect misses a blink) and thats it, it carries on blinking again, with no action from the computer. No sound of it even attempting to boot up or anything.

    Any suggestions? Could my fixing of the spyware problem make it not even attempt to boot up??
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