Lcd and Crt separate view. When and how?

By Slawek_PvP
Jan 21, 2006
  1. Hi all!
    This is my first thread, and since i'm noob don't go hard on me :) Ok, here i go.
    I have a notebook with Intel 82845 Graphic. It's crap but since i'm stick with it i though i could try out it's capabilities. So i've plugged a CRT monitor to the notebook, and i can view my desktop on lcd and the monitor at the same time. My question is, can i make it to display separately (like watching movie on one while working on other). There's no such option in standard intel video options, but maybe there's some third party program that controls it (like tvtool for nvidia). I assume it can't be done, since i can't even check the option to display this two screens in different resolutions (there is such option, but it's blank, i can't choose it). Or is it simply impossible with this video card or maybe i'm missing something (like basic knowledge). If i want to have that option in a future, what graphic card should i look for?
    Thanks in advance!
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