Lets try to bring Dark Souls to PC (petition)

By takreem95
Jan 7, 2012
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  1. Good morning, gentlemen. We are spreading the word about the battle for bringing Dark Souls to PC. We are getting a lot of media coverage, as well as support of a lot of people. Our petition has gained 36,180 signatures in a period of 48 hours (and still increasing), we would also like it if you sign it and post at the link below (Namco Bandai Games forums).
    You can sign the petition at:
    We also have a Steam Group:
    You can also give us support by posting on Namco Bandai Games Facebook page:
    We have our own Facebook page, too:

    Will someone be willing to tell this to a member of the TechSpot Staff? A post on the website will help us.

    Please read the full post here:

    I apologise if it has been posted before, I could not find any using Search.


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