LG to launch Lifeband Touch health tracker and HeartRate earphones on May 18

  1. LG announced yesterday that it will launch its Lifeband Touch health tracker and HeartRate earphones in the US on May 18th. The South Korean company first unveiled these devices at CES earlier this year.

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  2. Add another wearable device to the pile of wearable devices that don't quite hit the mark for one reason or another.
  3. I don't know if I want to pay £180 to hear my heart almost explode as my fat *** runs around the block.
    It would probably worry me. Bluetooth my music, fine, but I can do that cheaper I'm sure.

    And the band, yeah. All these extras are overpriced ... and as said, not really hitting a mark. You want to give me a wrist band with my phone, or some BTooth earbuds for my music while I jog ... or bounce around the town, sure. But parting with that much money is crazy, I would rather get an Nvidia shield and get fatter.

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